Brass Casting Alloys

Hastings Brass Foundry casts a variety of brass / bronze alloys. Brass / Bronze castings are well suited for applications where properties such as durability, corrosion resistance and appearance are important. We are able to produce castings to your specifications up to 2000 pounds. We offer secondary services such as machining, testing, polishing, chroming. Contact Hastings Brass Foundry today for a custom Brass / Bronze Casting quote – we specialize in difficult jobs and can handle rush turn around when necessary.

Brass Alloy Properties

CDA Number SAE Description Alloy Density lb/in3 Machinability*
C85500 Yellow Brass 60-40 .304 80
C85700 Yellow Brass 405.2 .304 80
(*) Free cutting brass =100
CDA Number  Typical Tensile English Unit  Typical Yield English Unit Brinell Hardness
C85500  60  23  85
C85700  50  18  75